How to create my company:

In this section you can configure all general information of your company, schedules, branches, taxes, etc.

Enter Pilkin:

Click on Settings:

Click on my business:

First complete the data on the tab Basic information:

In this tab you can select the language, currency, etc.

Click on the tab "Labor hours" :

In this part you can define the opening and closing schedule, as well as the days you will have your business open.

Create the branch(s) of your business:

(The infinite plan is the only one who gives you the option of 2 branches if your business has more than 2 branches, get in touch with us and we will reach an agreement).

Note: If you don't have the infinite plan, You can only create one branch.

To add another branch do click to add and if you want your branch 2 Share the same information from your branch 1 You must activate each of the buttons:

Click on Save :

Add all branches you want:

Return to the Basic Information tab and save your changes:

Ready you already have created your company!

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