Staff configuration

Already you created your users this is the second part , here you can configure the hours , the services that the stylist can offer, as well as you can see all the Stylist History , Sales , Services provided , Customers services , etc.

Click on Settings :

Click on Staff :

On the right side you will find a Pencil Click on it and there you will find the second part to configure the Staff :

In this part you can edit information About Users Except for passwords, you can modify names, surnames, dates, notes, sales goals etc.:

The second tab of user configuration is Labor hours :

In this tab you can configure the schedules employee per employee , full time , half time , rest days no matter pilking adapts to your needs .

With these buttons you can define what days it rests and that days not:.

Configure Services that the user can provide :

Click on Add:

Presiona la lista desplegable, selecciona el servicio que el usuario puede brindar:

Click on Save:

You can Add All Services You want :

For Last This Activy log of Staff Activities :

Select The range of dates you want Display and ready, you will see all the history that of sales and services that this user has had throughout his career in the company:

Incredible! You already have all the options for your users configured.

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