Which are user permissions?

A user permission allows to connect to the user with the company; and with this permission is made to responsible user of defined tasks:

For Login to the permission panel Press Settings :

Click on Access

This is the permissions panel, to create a new permit click on Add:

Meet the panel permissions really is very simple e intuitive to use, The panel is divided 3 parts:

The first part consists of all the modules that are in the system, in total there are 15:

Manage Admin
Manage Roles
Social Media Events
Manage Customer
EMAIL/SMS Templates
Manage Subscription plans
Sale History

**Second** part consists of the name of the columns that indicate permissions that you can give a user**:

Add : You authorize the user to be able to add fields such as users, products, categories, etc.
Edit : With this option enabled the user can edit any field that you indicate.
Delete Allows the user to delete the information where it is allowed.
Vista Allows the user to view the information (if this option is deselected the user will not be able to see the field).

In third part is where you can enable or shown the permissions that you want to give the user.

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